As of the 2019 – 2020 there will be a change in Liberty’s Title I Status.  For more information, please see below. Attached document is the original, signed PDF of the letter..

Letter content

April 15, 2019

Dear Liberty Families,

As we enter the spring season of the school year, I want to inform you of a transition that our school will be going through next year. As a district, we have made the commitment to provide additional resources via the Title IA program to schools whose poverty level is at 50% or above. Our school poverty level has fallen to below the 50% level this past year and projections indicate our school will remain under the 50% poverty level in 2019-20.

What does this mean for our school? The resources acquired with our Title funding the last two years will remain in our school, so our students will continue to benefit from the educational supplements. Moving forward, we will continue to provide high quality instruction to our students and in-house professional learning to our staff, but without any additional monies for resources and external professional development. We have been prudent with our Title IA additional resources and expect minimal impact to our school processes and student learning.

Incoming first and second grade students and staff will still have the opportunity this year to participate in the 2019 Title IA Summer School Program. Jumpstart Kindergarten (JSK) will also be available to all of our incoming Kindergarten students August 5-9.

We have greatly appreciated the additional resources from the Title IA program and will maintain  strong instruction and support systems within our school.

Lizi Aguilar-Nelson, Principal